“Super Mario Run”, the game of big concessions


The first mobile adventure of the plumber, sold 10 euros in full version, testifies to an undeniable know-how. But he was hardly surprised.

“Mario number one! “ At each end of level between two spins, the mustachioed plumber regularly loose this little cry of self-congratulation. “Mario Number 1” is that Nintendo’s mascot remained for more than two decades, both from a business perspective that criticism, since the release of Super Mario Bros. in 1985. This is what she has returned since 15 December, and the release of Super Mario Run , its first mobile adventure, by taking immediately to first place in the top applications generating the most money on iPhone and iPad. With a downside: Critical appraisals are extremely mixed.

All Mario with one finger

As its name suggests, Super Mario Run is a runner , a golf game where the hero runs automatically. This does not prevent the plumber to show surprisingly agile: Despite limited to handling only one finger touches and a few scattered screen, it can not only jump – Central interaction – but also step over his enemies to jump -mouton the move with an acrobatic wheel, bouncing against the walls, returning a few moments, slide on the buttocks, whirling in the air, climb or boxer bombs. In short, for hurry as it is, the hero of Nintendo does not lose of his respondent.

Super Mario Run¬†hack android is not a traditional Mario, but he has the packaging, variety and expertise. The 24 levels, short and colorful, respect to the letter the specifications of a Nintendo game: varied, playful and original, they each rest on a little different trick. Examples include an aerial ballet cannon balls through a landscape of hills plump to slide down like water slides, or a haunted house full of doors in sham. Each plays like a fantastic score, a digital scroll that would unfold with blows of “beep-beep” upbeat and joyful acrobatics: the magic is working.

So why so many negative ratings? Very many comments criticize the game its price, about 10 euros, and its classification misleading in the category of free applications (only the first three levels are). Coupons runs the debate: this is a false question. Between a Sonic 3 euros on mobile and classic Super Mario 40 or 50 euros on home console, the industry experiencing a range of very large price. Nintendo has chosen to maintain a certain price level in order not to devalue its own universe, much like Disney with its classic on Blu-Ray. To each one his appreciation of this decision.

An inventiveness at half-mast

The problem is elsewhere. In many ways, Super Mario Run has the appearance of a Mario without having philosophy. First aspect, the plumber was often the hero of the first times, at least the hero of the most influential adventures. Super Mario Run , it codifies nothing: he borrows an existing recipe, which had its heyday in 2012 with the excellent Rayman Jungle Run . In 2016, see Nintendo land mobile is an event; take the recipes of competition, a disappointment.

The game itself is struggling to stand out classic installment in the saga. The title simply quote and mix with a vengeance the most boilerplate elements of Super Mario Bros. , Super Mario Bros. 3 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii , an adventure that is more of a permanent wink. Mario’s mythology remains desperately unchanged, the stereotypical imagination. Even the new features fail to enrich the world and him give this unexpected zest. The paths that separate? Just indicated by banal arrows. The blocks that interrupt Mario’s race? Made by beast symbols remote control “pause”. For a saga that invented turtles perched on clouds and green teleport tubes with piranha plants in it, it’s low.

We must wait for the fifth and penultimate world to see appear a new obstacle, in this case a circle of fire, and the level next to surprise developers to finally play with frames: get out of the screen game lets return from the other side, small tip opening up many possibilities in a way to die investments automated. For the rest: nothing but very well known. In a thirty party time, time to go through the 24 paintings of the application, the surprises, the “wow” moments are rare. It is, however, the very principle of a Mario that to surprise, all the time, on the form and on the bottom.

Alice in the Country of Accounting

Worse, the salt of the saga, its wacky and enchanting spatial humor, made of secret passages, invisible blocks and surrealist shortcuts, has largely disappeared. Instead, pieces to collect , pink, purple and black, increasingly hard to find and catch , symbol of a series that has sacrificed the grotesque poetry on the altar of the rationalization of the playing space.

The other two modes, a series of challenges in the form of a race for gold and popularity, and a village to build in from of items to buy virtual currency, reflect the conversion to Mario The disease of mobile play. All quantify , all combine , convert everything: nothing is discovered, everything trades. Paradox of a game sold 10 euros, but that does not spare even the player through the usually reserved for the model-based securities ”¬† free 2 play” in which developers continually need to monetize the player’s actions.

Finally, Super Mario Run truly innovates on one thing: its business model, it’s free to start ( “free early”), unusual enough for mobile that Apple did not know where to classify , between Free and paid applications. It’s a funny innovation, symptomatic of the eternal desire of Nintendo take against the foot of the rest of the industry. A boldness which there is nothing more insolent, as there is in Super Mario Run an execution quality and expertise hard to dispute. But if it were to remind the powerful creativity of the Mario franchise then the shot is missed.

In short

We liked

  • Simple and effective handling;
  • Varied and catchy levels;
  • A game in rhythm and fingering;
  • The quality of a Nintendo game on smartphone.

We did not like

  • A game that refuses to innovate;
  • We would not have said no at more levels;
  • The dexterity that takes precedence over exploration.

It is rather for you if

  • you like Rayman Jungle Run ;
  • you want to find Mario (but not a Nintendo console);
  • you have known the days when games were paying.

It is not for you whether

  • 10 euros, this is your year budget gems in Clash of Clans ;
  • You are looking for an original or innovative game;
  • You are looking for the inventiveness of Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Super Mario 3D World.

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