What is the Key To Success In Piano Tiles 2

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This amazing game is raging in our devices.

What is the key to success of Piano Tiles (Do not Tap The White Tile)? Its simplicity and speed. The game consists of four lanes in which we will press the black keys in order and accelerating rapidly, testing our reflexes sharp “do not touch the white tiles.”

The simplicity of this game is everything. A challenge that persuades us to compete against our friends, and overcome our highest scores in each game. And as you go along in the game, the speed it becomes addictive, challenging excel at all times. It makes the adrenaline flow and that we focus all our attention to achieve our purpose.

There are various game modes, but all must avoid the white keys and achieve surpass ourselves or brag to our friends our scores. Specifically, my favorites are Arcade and Arcade + Lighting, where you must press buttons as they come down quickly (Interfering the screen flicker in the latter).

It has 6 game modes, adapted to the tastes of each, and within each there are 3 sub modes, speeds, times or different characteristics.

I invite you to download it because it is totally free. Google Play Link

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