GTA V Tips And Tricks To Get The Best On The Game

The video game of GTA V has already some time in the market, since June in the PC version. But thousands of fans continue to join one of the action games with more players. We give you some tips and tricks for GTA 5.


Thousands of players are added every week to this video game. One of the successes is that Grand Theft Auto V is on different platforms (Playstation, Xbox and PC), so adding your version of GTA online, thousands and thousands of players who are incorporated and are sure to love to know new tips and tricks of GTA V online money hack .

Get the most out of your weapons

Shooting in GTA V is a constant of the video game. You will have to leave different situations making use of the firearms. As almost everything in this world is a matter of practice. Therefore, we recommend that you visit as soon as possible Ammu-Nation.

Ammu-Nation is a shooting practice site, where you can also buy different weapons. You can practice with short weapons and rifles, so you will pass different tests and improve your shooting skills.

Perform tricks on GTA V (carefully)

Performing tricks in GTA 5 is the most fun of the video game, since you can perform actions you can not do in normal situations.

Raise the level of searches, weapons, test vehicles, change the weather, etc. are some of the tricks you can perform easily in Grand Theft Auto. Some are fun, others will be useful to try new things, others related to vehicles and weapons. But you have to take into account several things before performing the tricks.

The tricks can not be done in GTA V online. You can only do it in the story (normal) version.

Do not perform the tricks if you are carrying out a mission. Before performing a trick you must first save, and then do it. Otherwise you will not have the benefits of the mission.

Take advantage of the characters’ abilities

Throughout the game you will have the possibility of carrying three different characters. Franklin, that is with which you will begin the first missions of the game; Then you have the opportunity to play with Michael, the character with money; And finally Trevor, a character that we let you be the one you discover.

To activate special abilities you must press L3 + R3.

  • Franklin: This character has a special ability when driving a vehicle. Performing the skill, Franklin slows down the time of the vehicle, so you can drive more comfortably, dodging and accelerating if you stop. Use it responsibly as the ability is unloaded.
  • Michael: This character makes the situation slow down in a shootout. With which you can aim more easily and hit your opponent. This ability will make you come out alive from some complicated situations.
  • Trevor : This character has no special skill. Just as it is more resistant to physical attacks, its melee attacks are also more powerful.

Here are some tips for GTA V , as you can imagine are many more who can find for this fantastic game.

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