Pokemon GO – the secrets of the PL and the Individual Value to create the strongest team possible

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In many aspects Pokemon Go pokecoins hack looks like a very simplistic game, a pleasure to walk free of the various strategic elements of the main chapters of this historic franchise. On balance, however, this apparent simplicity can hide a layer of complexity to be reckoned with.

Thanks to the community of Go Pokémon and a group called The Road Silph we can finally reveal more details on these spectral statistics on the characteristics of the PL and the importance of the IV, the Individual Value of each Pokémon.

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What is PL and how is it calculated?

The PL or Battle Points, is a measure of how your Pokémon will be effective in battle and is actually a combination of several hidden statistics. Every Pokémon in Pokemon Go pokecoins hack has statistics to Attack, Defense, Stamina, a hidden level and a modifier of basic statistics known as Value Individual or IV.

To understand the strongest catchable Dragonite and one decidedly more detail what we are talking we use as an example two pokémon: satisfactory as Machoke. Dragonite as a species of Pokémon is characterized by a high value in the statistics of attack, as opposed to Machoke that can count on a good attack but at the same time can not stand the comparison.

Despite this natural inclination you can get a Dragonite which naturally has a low attack and a Machoke with a higher attack. This happens because the Machoke Individual Value (can be considered as its genes) are significantly stronger than those of that Dragonite. In Pokemon Go pokecoins hack it is given a maximum value of value of 15 Separate for each statistic. Having, therefore, for a 15/15/15 Attack, Defense and Stamina can be considered as a perfect IV.

Finally there is the level. In short, a pokémon level defines what has been trained a Pokemon and consequently a Machoke with a high level could have a better overall connection of a Dragonite untrained. Increase the level is something quite simple, you have always done without even realizing it: every time an enhanced pokémon with candy and stardust increased by half a level this value.The level of pokémon, however, is also influenced by the level of the coach as the value for your creature will never be more than 1.5 above that of coach. Fortunately this level Massimo grows with the level of coach and then increases over time. A vague value of this level is indicated by the white bar on over your pokémon, a fact that increases the bar after each upgrade.

A combination of these “hidden” statistics, IV and Level are what influence the PL. Plus the PL is high the better course but a PL higher does not necessarily indicate a Pokémon stronger since it could simply have been trained more.

It is interesting now to ask the basic question for each coach: how is it possible to find Pokemon go pokecoins hack with good stats and IV and have it gain the best level?

How to obtain the highest value and PL IV

The best Pokemon at the level of the capacity is in battle pokemon with the highest possible PL to its maximum level and with a perfect IV or as close as possible to perfection. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Try to catch one of the most powerful Pokémon of the game as Dragonite or at least one of the Pokémon that can evolve in the creature in question
  2. Once you have captured the creature of your interest, for example, a Dratini which will then evolve Dragonite you must understand what is actually powerful. To succeed you need to understand its level and its Individual Value. The community of The Silph Road has created different types of tools to calculate the IV and advise us, for example, to exploit the one created by aggixx .
  3. If you find yourself in front of a perfect 15/15/15 you’ll have resulted in 100% indicated by the computer. When you have found the perfect Dratini or a close fit to perfection you can think of evolution.
  4. Once you get to your Dragonite with a perfect IV and the combat moves that are right for you (all evolution could give different results in this sense), it’s time to upgrade it to Level Max. You’ll have to, therefore, capture more Dratini, get candy and give it as food to the pokemon go pokecoins hack . Of course the maximum level can be reached only when the coach arrives at level 40.


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