Brawl Stars Hack – Brawl Stars Cheats and Tips for Free Gems

Brawl Stars Hack - Brawl Stars Cheats and Tips for Free Gems

Hello again the readers Have you heard of the NEW SUPERCELL game? Brawl Stars is now available for the iOS and Android version of the game! Because of this version, we are “forced” to create a Brawl Stars online generator cheat unique!

With this simple and easy-to-use cheat trick Brawl Stars Hack, you can add to your iPhone (iOS), iPhone or iPad, wireless phones or tablets, gems and stone-free pieces without risk to your accounts Or your devices!

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Is Our Braw Stars Cheating Safe?

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If you see the best players in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, 50% of them use or have used our generators online, but they will not tell anyone because yes, if SUPERCELL knows they will ban them because That they did not buy directly the resources.

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What can our Brawl Stars Cheats Online Generator do for you?

It can add unlimited gems and untitled parts to your account with just a few clicks from you. You do not have to download anything on your devices because we do not incite spam or other malicious software. Be the first of your friends who uses our Braw Stars Online Generator and quickly start the game. You can be one of the best players in the world using the FREE GEMS you get from our Cheat Braat Stars.

How to use our Braw Stars Cheating Online Generator?

It’s simple! Simply click one of the buttons from this site and wait to be redirected to our online generator cheat Brawl Stars Triche. Once the redirection is complete, and the page is completely loaded, enter your email, the email you used to link your account Brawl Stars. NO PASSWORD IS NECESSARY! Now select your operating system between Android and iOS. Then click the “Sign In” button and wait for our script to search and log in to your account. Now enter the amount of Gems and Gold Coins you always wanted to have in your account and play with it. All you have to do now, for the last part, is hitting the button “GENERATE” and wait our thing cheater Brawl Stars Online Generator to begin the process of generating and injecting resources into your account! That’s all! Now you have the amount of Gems and Gold Coins you always wanted to have in your account!

Some IMPORTANT: For some of you, depending on your IP address, you may be asked to complete an offer. Do not worry! The offer can be completed by telephone or e-mail depending on your country. Everything is simple and free. This step is necessary if our algorithm or anti-spam antivirus system detects that you are a pot of possible spam.

Have you heard of Brawl Stars Supercell? This awesome game should be aired on Brawl Stars Supercell and we can not wait for it to appear! This game will be available for the Brawl Stars Supercell Triche and we are happy for it! Our team expects this game to be a huge success and we know you will like it. As you can see in this trailer, the game features an impressive graphic and a good story. Now, at this moment, we can not compare the game with any other because we expect to receive it and play it.

We have already pre-ordered the game and we can not wait for it. We hope that the game developer will not require you to buy ammunition or “extra” resources. If so, we will try to break the game and create a Guardian of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series News Online Generator. Do not worry; The online generator will be tested on different accounts just to make sure everything is secure. We will even “abuse” the generator and add tons of resources just to see if the account will be suspended or banned. Our main concern is your safety. Our graphic design will try to make the script as simple as possible so that everyone can use it.
You do not have to worry about anything! Everything is done online, without risk! The most important thing is that you do not need to download anything on your device. Everything is done in the clouds, using private proxy servers just for your safety.

We hope you expect this game as we expect it and you will enjoy it too! Stay tuned for more information about the game and other news! Do not forget to check out our other publications to see more news about great new games and awesome online generators that will help you save money and make your game easier.

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Dragon ball Z: Dokkan battle Hack Cheats Free Resources

dragon ball z dokkan battle tips and hacks

You are looking for DBZ Dokkan hacks tips, tricks and information about current hacks and cheats? Then you are right here, because in this article we want to introduce some DBZ Dokkan Battle tips and tricks that every player should know.

DBZ Dokkan Tipps, Tricks, Cheats & Hacks

Events : Always have an eye on the upcoming events. If you successfully complete such an event, you can unlock other fighters and win more rare characters. With 3 fighters on level 40 you have good chances at the events. It is an advantage if the 3 fighters have different types.

Character types : Each character in DBZ Dokkan is assigned to a type that in turn has strengths and weaknesses against other types. In the upper right corner, you can see which types have the advantages and disadvantages of a different type.

Type defense : Defend against an attack with the stronger element type. When attacking an opponent, check the order in which the character is attacked. So if your opponent is approaching you, you can use your character with elemental advantage for defense. Thus, on average, you suffer less damage from incoming attacks, and you gain an advantage over the course of the battle.

The team set-up : If you are in a battle, it is important to use the link skills of your characters by setting up your fighters correctly. Thus the right formation of your fighters can bring a considerable boost in the stats. By exchanging your fighters you can see at the bottom of the screen whether and which link skills you can get.

The right Orbs : Look for the right colored Orbs to collect for your fighters. Each fighter type is assigned a color. By the right orbs, your character gets not only the double AI, but also extra energy. The higher the DEF value of the character, the more energy it gets back.

Dragon ball Z: Dokkan battle Hack will give you an opportunity to get all in-app purchases in the game for free. For Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan battle Hacked you must enter in the game the cheat code that is below. This Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan battle cheat works on all Android version and iOS. You can use this hack without root and jailbreak and also you do not need any mod apk to download. Also, you do not need Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan battle hack tool and you do not need to download and install any apk files. After you enter this cheat codes in the game Dragon ball Z: Dokkan battle you can get all the in-app purchases for free. This dragon ball Z: Dokkan battle hack is used by many players, making it the best way to hack Dragon ball Z: Dokkan battle.


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GTA V Tips And Tricks To Get The Best On The Game

The video game of GTA V has already some time in the market, since June in the PC version. But thousands of fans continue to join one of the action games with more players. We give you some tips and tricks for GTA 5.


Thousands of players are added every week to this video game. One of the successes is that Grand Theft Auto V is on different platforms (Playstation, Xbox and PC), so adding your version of GTA online, thousands and thousands of players who are incorporated and are sure to love to know new tips and tricks of GTA V online money hack .

Get the most out of your weapons

Shooting in GTA V is a constant of the video game. You will have to leave different situations making use of the firearms. As almost everything in this world is a matter of practice. Therefore, we recommend that you visit as soon as possible Ammu-Nation.

Ammu-Nation is a shooting practice site, where you can also buy different weapons. You can practice with short weapons and rifles, so you will pass different tests and improve your shooting skills.

Perform tricks on GTA V (carefully)

Performing tricks in GTA 5 is the most fun of the video game, since you can perform actions you can not do in normal situations.

Raise the level of searches, weapons, test vehicles, change the weather, etc. are some of the tricks you can perform easily in Grand Theft Auto. Some are fun, others will be useful to try new things, others related to vehicles and weapons. But you have to take into account several things before performing the tricks.

The tricks can not be done in GTA V online. You can only do it in the story (normal) version.

Do not perform the tricks if you are carrying out a mission. Before performing a trick you must first save, and then do it. Otherwise you will not have the benefits of the mission.

Take advantage of the characters’ abilities

Throughout the game you will have the possibility of carrying three different characters. Franklin, that is with which you will begin the first missions of the game; Then you have the opportunity to play with Michael, the character with money; And finally Trevor, a character that we let you be the one you discover.

To activate special abilities you must press L3 + R3.

  • Franklin: This character has a special ability when driving a vehicle. Performing the skill, Franklin slows down the time of the vehicle, so you can drive more comfortably, dodging and accelerating if you stop. Use it responsibly as the ability is unloaded.
  • Michael: This character makes the situation slow down in a shootout. With which you can aim more easily and hit your opponent. This ability will make you come out alive from some complicated situations.
  • Trevor : This character has no special skill. Just as it is more resistant to physical attacks, its melee attacks are also more powerful.

Here are some tips for GTA V , as you can imagine are many more who can find for this fantastic game.

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“Super Mario Run”, the game of big concessions


The first mobile adventure of the plumber, sold 10 euros in full version, testifies to an undeniable know-how. But he was hardly surprised.

“Mario number one! “ At each end of level between two spins, the mustachioed plumber regularly loose this little cry of self-congratulation. “Mario Number 1” is that Nintendo’s mascot remained for more than two decades, both from a business perspective that criticism, since the release of Super Mario Bros. in 1985. This is what she has returned since 15 December, and the release of Super Mario Run , its first mobile adventure, by taking immediately to first place in the top applications generating the most money on iPhone and iPad. With a downside: Critical appraisals are extremely mixed.

All Mario with one finger

As its name suggests, Super Mario Run is a runner , a golf game where the hero runs automatically. This does not prevent the plumber to show surprisingly agile: Despite limited to handling only one finger touches and a few scattered screen, it can not only jump – Central interaction – but also step over his enemies to jump -mouton the move with an acrobatic wheel, bouncing against the walls, returning a few moments, slide on the buttocks, whirling in the air, climb or boxer bombs. In short, for hurry as it is, the hero of Nintendo does not lose of his respondent.

Super Mario Run hack android is not a traditional Mario, but he has the packaging, variety and expertise. The 24 levels, short and colorful, respect to the letter the specifications of a Nintendo game: varied, playful and original, they each rest on a little different trick. Examples include an aerial ballet cannon balls through a landscape of hills plump to slide down like water slides, or a haunted house full of doors in sham. Each plays like a fantastic score, a digital scroll that would unfold with blows of “beep-beep” upbeat and joyful acrobatics: the magic is working.

So why so many negative ratings? Very many comments criticize the game its price, about 10 euros, and its classification misleading in the category of free applications (only the first three levels are). Coupons runs the debate: this is a false question. Between a Sonic 3 euros on mobile and classic Super Mario 40 or 50 euros on home console, the industry experiencing a range of very large price. Nintendo has chosen to maintain a certain price level in order not to devalue its own universe, much like Disney with its classic on Blu-Ray. To each one his appreciation of this decision.

An inventiveness at half-mast

The problem is elsewhere. In many ways, Super Mario Run has the appearance of a Mario without having philosophy. First aspect, the plumber was often the hero of the first times, at least the hero of the most influential adventures. Super Mario Run , it codifies nothing: he borrows an existing recipe, which had its heyday in 2012 with the excellent Rayman Jungle Run . In 2016, see Nintendo land mobile is an event; take the recipes of competition, a disappointment.

The game itself is struggling to stand out classic installment in the saga. The title simply quote and mix with a vengeance the most boilerplate elements of Super Mario Bros. , Super Mario Bros. 3 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii , an adventure that is more of a permanent wink. Mario’s mythology remains desperately unchanged, the stereotypical imagination. Even the new features fail to enrich the world and him give this unexpected zest. The paths that separate? Just indicated by banal arrows. The blocks that interrupt Mario’s race? Made by beast symbols remote control “pause”. For a saga that invented turtles perched on clouds and green teleport tubes with piranha plants in it, it’s low.

We must wait for the fifth and penultimate world to see appear a new obstacle, in this case a circle of fire, and the level next to surprise developers to finally play with frames: get out of the screen game lets return from the other side, small tip opening up many possibilities in a way to die investments automated. For the rest: nothing but very well known. In a thirty party time, time to go through the 24 paintings of the application, the surprises, the “wow” moments are rare. It is, however, the very principle of a Mario that to surprise, all the time, on the form and on the bottom.

Alice in the Country of Accounting

Worse, the salt of the saga, its wacky and enchanting spatial humor, made of secret passages, invisible blocks and surrealist shortcuts, has largely disappeared. Instead, pieces to collect , pink, purple and black, increasingly hard to find and catch , symbol of a series that has sacrificed the grotesque poetry on the altar of the rationalization of the playing space.

The other two modes, a series of challenges in the form of a race for gold and popularity, and a village to build in from of items to buy virtual currency, reflect the conversion to Mario The disease of mobile play. All quantify , all combine , convert everything: nothing is discovered, everything trades. Paradox of a game sold 10 euros, but that does not spare even the player through the usually reserved for the model-based securities ”  free 2 play” in which developers continually need to monetize the player’s actions.

Finally, Super Mario Run truly innovates on one thing: its business model, it’s free to start ( “free early”), unusual enough for mobile that Apple did not know where to classify , between Free and paid applications. It’s a funny innovation, symptomatic of the eternal desire of Nintendo take against the foot of the rest of the industry. A boldness which there is nothing more insolent, as there is in Super Mario Run an execution quality and expertise hard to dispute. But if it were to remind the powerful creativity of the Mario franchise then the shot is missed.

In short

We liked

  • Simple and effective handling;
  • Varied and catchy levels;
  • A game in rhythm and fingering;
  • The quality of a Nintendo game on smartphone.

We did not like

  • A game that refuses to innovate;
  • We would not have said no at more levels;
  • The dexterity that takes precedence over exploration.

It is rather for you if

  • you like Rayman Jungle Run ;
  • you want to find Mario (but not a Nintendo console);
  • you have known the days when games were paying.

It is not for you whether

  • 10 euros, this is your year budget gems in Clash of Clans ;
  • You are looking for an original or innovative game;
  • You are looking for the inventiveness of Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Super Mario 3D World.

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Clash Royale Beginner Tips en trucs

Supercell heeft het weer gedaan. Na maanden van fanfare, heeft de ontembare gaming bedrijf liet een andere hit op de mobiele markt. Clash Royale is een deck gebaseerd MOBA dat werkt als een uitloper van mega het bedrijf hit Clash of Clans .Sinds de 2 maart release datum, heeft het spel een deining van populariteit dat is ongekend, zelfs in de super competitieve mobile gaming markt gezien.

Volgens Venture Beat , in slechts drie korte dagen, Clash Royale werd zowel de nummer een App Store spel in de VS en een van de best scorende apps in de iOS-winkel. Het spel heeft ook klom naar de top van de playlist Google downloads.

Dus, wat betekent dit allemaal? Het betekent dat als je gaat duiken in de wereld van de Clash Royale , zul je een aantal stevige concurrentie hebben. Het is tijd om armor en strategieën, mensen, omdat overheersing te wachten staat.

Wat is Clash Royale?

Oké, als je niet bekend bent met Supercell of hun vorige hit Clash of Clans , doe jezelf een plezier en ga downloaden die onmiddellijk.

Nu heeft het bedrijf de nieuwste game, Clash Royale gemmes gratuit , ziet spelers samenstellen van een dek van gewillige soldaten en het voeren van een-op-een oorlog tegen online spelers. Elke wedstrijd begint op dezelfde manier, met u als de trotse eigenaar van een klein perceel grond en drie glanzende kastelen. Over een kleine gracht is je gezworen vijand … een vent. Die eikel heeft ook drie kastelen en een klein stuk land, die allemaal moet worden vernietigd.

Dus, in de loop van een drie minuten durende oorlog, je bent belast met het versturen van je troepen over de vijandelijke linies met als doel van het doen van wat schade. Ondertussen ben je vijand zal proberen dezelfde soort van BS, door het sturen van hun troepen aan te vallen.

Kennismaken met je troepen Know

Als je gaat om te overleven voor meer dan een paar seconden, zult u nodig hebt om je leger en hun basisvaardigheden te leren kennen. Terwijl je een leger van de ongelooflijke verscheidenheid uiteindelijk kan bouwen, overal de tutorial, je gaat tot acht elementaire aanvallen te verzamelen. Deze aanslagen komen in de vorm van kaarten waarin de aard en hevigheid van overtreding bepalen.

Waarom acht, hoewel? Omdat uw slag deck – dat wil zeggen de kaarten (lees: soldaten) u mee in de strijd – bestaat uit acht slots die u vóór slag kunt aanpassen om optimaal aan te vallen je tegenstander. Nu, in gedachten houden, dat elk apparaat dat u te sturen in de strijd kost elixir. Je begint met 10 elixir punten (die langzaam vullen in de loop van de wedstrijd), die u kunt besteden aan troepen inzetten, maar je moet slim over het verzenden van de juiste troepen om de klus af te zijn.

Hier zijn je eerste acht leger leden:

The Knight (3 elixer) is je primaire middel grondaanval. Een melee strijder, de ridder is een splijtende verhuizing naar je vijand verdediging te testen. Het beste is om deze jongens te sturen in paren, omdat ze langzaam bewegende.

De Archer (3 elixer) is uw eerste varieerde unit. Zwakker dan de ridder, zullen ze vooruit tot ze in afvuren bereik van een van beide een vijand toren of vijandelijke eenheid en dan zullen ze het vuur te openen.

De Bomber (3 elixir) is een trade-off. Het is de zwakste basiseenheid, maar als het dichtbij genoeg kunnen krijgen om de vijand, kan het enige tijd grote schade aanrichten door lobbing een bom over het slagveld. Omdat ze fysiek zwak, is het best om deze jongens te koppelen met een ridder, zodat ze wat spieren hebt.

De Giant (5 elixer) is je eerste echte tank eenheid. Deze jongens zijn groot voor het verzenden tegen vijandelijke kastelen, omdat ze tegen een stootje en ze gaan uit ernstige schade. Ze zijn ook erg duur, dus het is best om ze spaarzaam.

Musketeers (4 elixir) een ervaren varieerde eenheid; in feite, ze zijn iets sterker boogschutters. Ze hebben een beetje langer levensverwachting en ze dragen een pistool.

Witches (5 elixer) zijn uw meest krachtige grond unit. Ze zijn een mix van melee en ranged combat die ernstige schade kunnen omgaan, in het bijzonder om vijandelijke troepen. Bewaar deze dames in de reserve voor het heffen zwermen van vijandelijke eenheden of legt de laatste hand aan een overwinning.

Pijlen (3 elixir) zijn niet technisch troepen. Arrows is een aanval waarbij een van je drie torens lanceert een haar pijlen in een pre-gewijde landingsplaats. Ze zijn perfect voor het nemen van groepen van aanvallen van vijanden, maar niet zo heet als het gaat om de vernietiging toren.

Vuurballen (4 elixir) zijn de ultieme tool van de toren vernietiging. Deze hittezoekende klodders dood deal gekke hoeveelheden schade in een klein (ish) gebied. Ze niet verspillen aan troepen, ze alleen sturen naar de voordeur van uw vijand.

Oke, dus dat is je beginnen leger, maar vindt u een aantal algemene adviezen als je gaat beginnen tromping helemaal over uw online vijanden nodig.

Tips om te vermijden dat Afgeroomd

Het vernietigen van de middelste toren is alles wat je nodig hebt om te winnen.

Tuurlijk, de vijand heeft drie torens, maar alleen de middelste is nodig om je overwinning te verzekeren. Natuurlijk zal je troepen automatisch aanval op de vijandelijke vesting of troep dichtstbijzijnde hen, dus het is moeilijk om te richten, maar technisch gezien je hoeft niet alle drie van de torens van uw vijand te vernietigen om te winnen.

Laat wat elixer in reserve.

Je weet nooit wat je vijand heeft hun mouw, vooral als je het nemen bent op een geavanceerde vijand. Er is niets erger dan opraken van sap net zo je vijand lanceert een full-on aanval.

Alternatieve punten van de aanval.

Terwijl u hoeft slechts een toren te vernietigen, is het nog steeds belangrijk om uw punten van de aanval verschuiven om je vijand van wacht te houden te houden.Voorspelbaarheid is de eerste stap op weg naar een nederlaag.

Maak je geen zorgen over de klok.

Als de klok naar beneden loopt, de wedstrijd is voorbij. Echter, hoeft u niet middelste toren van je vijand om te winnen te hebben vernietigd; je hoeft alleen maar de meest vernietiging te hebben toegebracht. Dus wees slim, aanvallen wijselijk, verdedig nog beter, en je geen zorgen over de klok. clash royale gratis edelstenen

Koppelen units.

Wanneer u op het punt om eenheden in te zetten op het slagveld bent, zorg ervoor dat u denkt over het vermogen van elke unit over te nemen en te ontketenen straf en zorg ervoor dat je ze koppelen met complementaire eenheden. Bombers en ridders gaan goed samen. Net als ridders en boogschutters.

Varieer uw aanvalsplan.

 Je wilt niet op dezelfde manier aan te vallen elke keer. Het is niet alleen vervelend, het is ook een trefzekere manier om te eindigen met je toren een rokende ruïne. Dus, mix it up, met behulp van een mix van ranged en melee aanvallen.

Mix uw dek.

Niet in de strijd te gaan met dezelfde acht soldaten elke keer. De lijst van de verschillende troepen en verschillende aanvallen is ruim, dus zorg ervoor dat je het experimenteren van tijd tot tijd. Ook niet stack je deck met dure, krachtige troepen.Houd een of twee goedkope opties in het spel, zodat u altijd hebt iets om op terug te vallen.

Haal het maximale uit je vuurballen.

Net zoals pijlen, vuurballen hebben een oppervlakte-of-effect – of AoE – aanval, wat betekent dat ze niet één specifiek punt geraakt, ze regenen vernietiging in een aangewezen cirkel. Die cirkel is eigenlijk groot genoeg om tonnen gaan   schade aan de twee torens in een keer als je creatief met je doel bent.

clash royale


Clash Royale hack is een van die games waarin je plezier ongeacht hoeveel denken dat je bereid bent te doen krijgen. Natuurlijk, hoe meer je bereid bent om creatief te denken, hoe meer succes u zult vinden. U kunt verwachten om een aantal ernstige licks te nemen in uw opening periodes, zoals je spelers tegenkomt met meer kaarten in hun dek, maar als je volhardt, zul je te maken krijgen uit ernstige schade in een mum van tijd.

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How to hack boom beach diamonds – Latest Glitch 2016

Our new boom beach cheats working really well with all devices of android and iOS platform. You will learn with our video on how to get free boom diamonds and gold without doing any survey. And it is completely online. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk but I assure you that currently the boom beach diamonds hack is undedected by supercell and you will not get banned. If you have any questions regarding this post, you can comment on below. we will surely help you out.

Ceci est un travail et mis à jour quotidiennement générateur de code PSN le plus récent de la version 3.2. Les développeurs de esta générateur de code PSN ont été autour

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FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer Hack – Free Unlimited Coins & Points

hello guys. we are here with our latest find. yes this is fifa 17 coin generator cheats online tool. By using this ultimate online tool you can get unlimited fifa 17 coins and points for your account and you can maximize your fifa 17 gameplay. This fifa 17 mobile soccer hack is specially designed to support all android and iOS devices. The most and best important part of this, is you don’t need to download any kind of software or tools to access it. Its an online tool so there is no chance to being infected. Dont just waste your time…. use it now.

Astuce FIFA 17 Crédits Gratuitement Avec Triche

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How to get free and real Instagram followers online – Lstest

Do you really want to become famous on instagram community, ohhh well. you surely needed to have a lot of followers and likes even on your images, the more people follow you and like your images etc you will become more popular. But obtaining real instagram followers is a real pain, it took a lot of time, and with very of following rates. So what you can do is….. use this latest developed site on how to get real instagram followers for free. yessss its completely free, all you have to input your username on that site, sit back and relax, you will bombarded with a lot of instagram followers instantly. and the best part is all will be real. So use it without any hassle.

Also you can check out this private instagram viewer tool if you want to spy on someones instagram privacy. 🙂

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How to get FREE gifts on MovieStarPlanet cheat NO DOWNLOAD NO SURVEY

Want to get free moviestar planet free gifts, Starcoins, Diamonds and VIP for upto 6 months. here you go. Our article is dedicated for you, if you really want to catch them all for free and trust me you can obtain them again and again. Our moviestarplanet vip hack tool is working with all mobile platforms like iOS, Android and PC even. It is working as of date like a charm, and the best part is you dont even need to download any software or tools from our site. Its an online generator so everything will happen online. So dont wait and test our site just once, and you will definitely like it. Check our our MSP hack online tool too.

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Pokemon GO – the secrets of the PL and the Individual Value to create the strongest team possible

pokemon go hack for android and ios

In many aspects Pokemon Go pokecoins hack looks like a very simplistic game, a pleasure to walk free of the various strategic elements of the main chapters of this historic franchise. On balance, however, this apparent simplicity can hide a layer of complexity to be reckoned with.

Thanks to the community of Go Pokémon and a group called The Road Silph we can finally reveal more details on these spectral statistics on the characteristics of the PL and the importance of the IV, the Individual Value of each Pokémon.

Check out this ultimate hack released by unknown group : fire emblem heroes hack free orbs online

What is PL and how is it calculated?

The PL or Battle Points, is a measure of how your Pokémon will be effective in battle and is actually a combination of several hidden statistics. Every Pokémon in Pokemon Go pokecoins hack has statistics to Attack, Defense, Stamina, a hidden level and a modifier of basic statistics known as Value Individual or IV.

To understand the strongest catchable Dragonite and one decidedly more detail what we are talking we use as an example two pokémon: satisfactory as Machoke. Dragonite as a species of Pokémon is characterized by a high value in the statistics of attack, as opposed to Machoke that can count on a good attack but at the same time can not stand the comparison.

Despite this natural inclination you can get a Dragonite which naturally has a low attack and a Machoke with a higher attack. This happens because the Machoke Individual Value (can be considered as its genes) are significantly stronger than those of that Dragonite. In Pokemon Go pokecoins hack it is given a maximum value of value of 15 Separate for each statistic. Having, therefore, for a 15/15/15 Attack, Defense and Stamina can be considered as a perfect IV.

Finally there is the level. In short, a pokémon level defines what has been trained a Pokemon and consequently a Machoke with a high level could have a better overall connection of a Dragonite untrained. Increase the level is something quite simple, you have always done without even realizing it: every time an enhanced pokémon with candy and stardust increased by half a level this value.The level of pokémon, however, is also influenced by the level of the coach as the value for your creature will never be more than 1.5 above that of coach. Fortunately this level Massimo grows with the level of coach and then increases over time. A vague value of this level is indicated by the white bar on over your pokémon, a fact that increases the bar after each upgrade.

A combination of these “hidden” statistics, IV and Level are what influence the PL. Plus the PL is high the better course but a PL higher does not necessarily indicate a Pokémon stronger since it could simply have been trained more.

It is interesting now to ask the basic question for each coach: how is it possible to find Pokemon go pokecoins hack with good stats and IV and have it gain the best level?

How to obtain the highest value and PL IV

The best Pokemon at the level of the capacity is in battle pokemon with the highest possible PL to its maximum level and with a perfect IV or as close as possible to perfection. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Try to catch one of the most powerful Pokémon of the game as Dragonite or at least one of the Pokémon that can evolve in the creature in question
  2. Once you have captured the creature of your interest, for example, a Dratini which will then evolve Dragonite you must understand what is actually powerful. To succeed you need to understand its level and its Individual Value. The community of The Silph Road has created different types of tools to calculate the IV and advise us, for example, to exploit the one created by aggixx .
  3. If you find yourself in front of a perfect 15/15/15 you’ll have resulted in 100% indicated by the computer. When you have found the perfect Dratini or a close fit to perfection you can think of evolution.
  4. Once you get to your Dragonite with a perfect IV and the combat moves that are right for you (all evolution could give different results in this sense), it’s time to upgrade it to Level Max. You’ll have to, therefore, capture more Dratini, get candy and give it as food to the pokemon go pokecoins hack . Of course the maximum level can be reached only when the coach arrives at level 40.


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